Mint Rice Recipe - Pudina Rice Recipe - Mint Pulao Recipe

Tempt your taste-bud with an aromatic and cooling rice recipe!

Do you love gardening? I's one of my favorite hobby. I have a small garden! And I grow my own herbs, flowers and vegetables there.Watching them grow brings me so much pleasure :-) and I feel one of the best ways to get excited about what we eat is to plant your own garden; reap the benefit, cook freshly and enjoy. Do you agree with me?:) It doesn't require a lot of room, small patio or just a window box will do, what’s most important is take part in every stage of the process. Most herbs are relatively easy to grow, mint in particular grows fast. I love cooking with fresh produce.Here is the picture of mint plant grown in my micro garden :) 

Mint is one of the oldest herb which is widely used in Indian Cooking. Both my husband and I love mint and this mint rice is my quick go-to on lunchbox recipe. If  ingredients are handy, then it takes no time to whip this up this aromatic rice recipe. It’s extremely kid-friendly because of it’s nutritional balance it provide plenty of protein and are packed with vitamin A and magnesium to boot and helps removes toxins from body and reduces irritated bowel syndromes.

The fresh sprigs of mint/pudina leaves are grounded along with coconut and then added to the rice while cooking to impart the delectable minty flavor.They make this rice unique and flavorful. You don’t need any side dish with this...If you really want to go something with this, you could make spicy potato roast, raita and /or roasted papad. I used ghee as a base, but you could use oil .

Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much we did and let me know what you think.!

Mint Rice Recipe | Pudina Rice Recipe | Mint-Pudina Pulao Recipe
Prepration Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Serves : 2-3

Basmati Rice /Raw Rice : 1 cup
Ghee : 2 tsp
Onion : 1 medium, (finely chopped)
Bay Leaves : 1
Cloves : 4
Cinnamon : 1/2 inch 2 pieces 
Cardamom : 2
Fennel seeds :1/2 tsp (or) If you don't prefer  using whole garam masala, then use
Garam masala powder :1 tsp
Cashews  for garnishing

For Mint Masala Paste :
Mint leaves : 1 bunch
Ginger : 1 inch piece
Garlic : 4-6 small cloves
Green chillies : 3
Grated coconut : 1/4 cup
Cashews : 2-4
Lemon juice :1 tsp

How to make Mint Rice Recipe | Pudina Rice Recipe | Mint-Pudina Pulao Recipe:

1. Wash and soak the basmati rice for 10-15 minutes and cook the rice with enough salt until the rice is done yet firm. If your cooking rice in pressure cooker,cook for 1 whistle and once pressure settles, spread out the rice on a plate and let it cool without clumping.
2. Grind all the ingredients listed above'For Mint Masala Paste' to a fine paste. Set this aside.(Note : Do not add water)
3. Heat ghee in a pan and roast the cashews.Remove it and set it aside.
4. In the same pan, add all whole garam masala or garam masala powder(whichever you are using) and saute it a minute. Add sliced onion and saute it till it become translucent and soft
5. Now add the ground mint masala paste; saute till oil separates. It will take around 5 minutes.
6. Add the cooked rice and gently mix everything well. Adjust the salt. Garnish with cashews.
7. Serve with spicy potato roast and raita. Enjoy!

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  1. looks fabulous and incredibly flavoring

  2. this looks very tasty, even i love growing stuff, i have nice mint too. but they grow slow. any tips?

  3. flavourful rice.. My fav rice too

  4. Soumya3:45 PM

    Hi Sangeetha,
    I have a bunch of questions.
    After sauting the ground mint it didnt look as dark as seen in your pic no:3. Anyhow I stopped sauting when i felt oil is coming out of the mixture. Any thoughts on this?
    While mixing rice with the sauted mint mixture (last step) the flame should be on or off?
    In the pics above did you use garam masala or whole?

    Appreciate your valuable comments.. :-)

    1. Hi Soumya, The color may be dependent on a lot of things. Keep in mind all varieties and brands of ingredients are different and might impart different colors to a dish. In my kitchen I use homemade garam masala powder and in this recipe, I have used garam masala powder. The goal is not to get the exact colors to match the photographs, but to get closest to the taste of the recipe. :-) and while mixing rice keep the flame low and mix well. I hope this answers your question. Thank you.


  5. Soumya8:56 AM

    Hi Sangeetha,

    Thanks for the comments. I tried this up for my husband's potluck dinner. It came out very nice and was well appreciated.

    1. You are welcome Soumya! Good to know thatthey turned out so well for you and was appreciated by everyone :) Thanks a lot for letting me know dear :)

      Happy New Year to you n your family!

  6. Came out well sangeetha... it was awesome... really cool. ..

  7. Anonymous10:45 AM

    Hi Sangeeta,

    Thank for the recipe. I tried it and came out very well.


It was wonderful having you here :-) Thanks for taking time to leave your feedback. Your words are my inspiration!

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