Special Notice

Dear My Readers and Followers and Well-wishers,

I want to bring to your notice a Plagiarism activity on Facebook using our name Kothiyavunu.

I recently noticed that on Facebook someone else using our name “Kothiyavunu” again a food page and doing Plagiarism activities like copying pictures from many food blogs including mine without our concern, manipulating the pictures and publishing in their FB page and website.

I tried to contact them, they did remove my picture from their main background, but the picture is still on their wall. But the response from them was really unpleasant and unfriendly.

I have already reported to Facebook Legal about this incident and not sure what action will be taken by FB and how soon FB will take the action.

But I wanted to bring to your notice that, that page doesn’t belong to us in anyway and there is no relationship between us and them. I’m so upset about how unpleasant people are around and trying to spoil others name. This is unfortunate.

Food bloggers beware of this and make sure to raise incident against them on FB so your hard work is not misused by some sneaky people.

Thank you very much for understanding and giving me support like all the time and every time.

Thanks again,
Sangeetha Subhash

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