Gothambu Payasam Recipe - Broken/Cracked Wheat Payasam Recipe & Happy Onam!

Happy Onam! How are your Onam Preparation going? Did you put Pookalam, Are you making Sadya?

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Onam Sadya Recipes and Happy Onam

Pookkalavum, pooviliyum, onakkodiyum, onasadhyayumayi oru onam koodi. Ellavarkum Ente Hridayam Niranja Onam Aasamsakal! May this year brings each one of you lots and lots of happiness in life and fulfill all your dreams. Happy Onam!

Do you know the reason behind Onam celebrations? Onam, the state festival of Kerala in India, is celebrated with great fanfare by the Malayalees all over the world. Onam is an occasion for Keralities to celebrate plenitude and togetherness. This festival falls in the month of August to September according to the Gregorian calendar. The celebrations of Onam go ten day long span. All the activities during this season are centered around elaborate rituals, music, dances, sports, boat races and of course scrumptious foods. This celebrations has two most important significances in context of the Malayalee culture. First of all, it is celebrated as the harvest festival of the state. The second and the most popularly quoted legend with the festival is related to the mythological king Mahabali. There are many stories associated with the celebration of this festival. Read to explore more about the festival of Onam here

The celebrations of Onam start on Atham day, 10 days before Thiruvonam.Thiruvonam, the tenth day, is the most auspicious. On this day earthen mounds, which look somewhat like square pyramids, representing Mahabali and Vamana are placed and children prepare floral decoration called Onapookkalam (also known as floral carpet) in front of their houses to welcome Onathappan /King Mahabali, as he visits Kerala every year on Onam, to enquire about their wellbeing. The other most important things about Onam are the onakkodi, the new clothes worn on this day and lavish 'Onasadya', the tradition that is followed by people, irrespective of their cast and religion. All members of the family gather together, usually at the ancestral home for  Onasadya - the traditional lunch served on plantain leaves. There is an old saying in Malayalam 'Kanam Vittu Onam Unnanam', which literally means that go to the extend of selling their possessions to eat Onasadya /Traditional Kerala Feast.:)

Having said all this, I feel so nostalgic...Oh my! I miss my family back home...It has been ages since we had celebrated Onam with all the family members but still I make sure that my small family gets a mini sadya every year. So here I am sharing with you all the sadya dishes that I have prepared and posted till now. I thought   sadya  recipes all in one place, will be helpful for those who are newbies to make sadya... Do try and don't forget to your valuable feedback!

Once again  Wish you all very Happy & Prosperous, Blessed Onam! Enjoy traditional virtual Onasadya /Kerala Feast. Hope you all like my sadya :- )

. Traditional Breakfasts for Onam

Serving begins from the bottom left half of the leaf. In some areas a pinch of salt is kept on the leaf but some people avoid it.

On the bottom left half of the leaf a small banana is placed, next pappadam



Mambazha Unniyappam

Then sarkara varatti /jaggery coated banana chips and upperi/banana chips

Sarkara Varatti-Upperi
Nurukku Upperi
Banana Chips-Ethakka Upperi

Next from the top left half of the banana leaf pickles is served

Naranga Achar -Lemon Pickle
Nellikka Achar
 /Gooseberry Pickle

Thoran /Mezhupuratti (vegetable stir fry with coconut) (I have posted many different kinds of thoran but usually we prepare and serve these thorans for sadya.)

Beetroot Thoran
Idichakka Thoran
Beans Thoran

Red Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran
Carrot Beans Thoran
Kaya-Achinga payar Mezhukkupuratti

Next Pachadi's and Khichadi's

Mambazha-Mango Pachadi
Vendakka/Okra Kichadi
& Pachadi
Beetroot Pachadi
Madhura Pachadi

Papaya Kaplanga Erissery
Mathanga-Vanpayar Erissery

Kootu Curry

Chakka Erissery

Now the plantain leaf is filled with all the side dishes and most people will have dipped their fingers in some of the delicacies to have a taste.

The rice is served at the bottom center of the banana leaf.

First parippu curry is served along with ghee.

Parippu Curry

Next rice is served with Sambhar

Then comes the most anticipated part the Desserts /Payasam's. 
Normally 2-3 varieties of payasam from the below list will be served to make sadhya delicious.

Gothumbu Payasam
Pazham Ada Pradhaman
Pal Payasam
Chakka Pradhaman

Nethram Pazham Pradhaman
Aval Payasam
Semiya Payasam

Pineapple Payasam

Ada Pradhaman

oops! tried Is't? :-) :-) The traditional sadya is not over yet....

Then Sambaram /Curd /Buttermik is served at the end to complete the meal and to help digestion.


Most people stop with the dessert...This is the way we serve in our place. The ways of serving differs from region to region. Hope you all enjoyed this tradtional virtual Sadya /Feast :)


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