Egg plant - Brinjal Peanut Masala Recipe | Vazhuthananga Peanut-Groundnut Masala Recipe

Guess who’s getting obsessed with gardening?

I can't belive how fast everything from flowers to vegetables is growing in my micro garden. I guess I must have a little bit of a green thumb, but still got a long way to go!:)  I grew up with a dad who always had a huge garden...I'm so happy and blessed that my dad's love of gardening is something I have inherited. Nowdays I'm cooking little this and a little that.

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Ginger Rasam Recipe | Inji Rasam Recipe - Sadya Special

Have you decided on your Onasadya menu yet ? I have...

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Onam Recipes - Onam Sadya Recipes and How to Serve a Onasadya

Ellavarkum Ente Hridayam Niranja Onam Aasamsakal! Wishing each one of you a very happy and prosperous Onam. May this year brings you lots and lots of happiness in life and fulfill all your dreams. Happy Onam!

Onam is one of the most popular regional festivals of Kerala. It is celebrated by all Keralites regardless of their caste or religion. People rejoice the return of King Mahabali, the kind demon king who once ruled the land.I have shared more about Onam on this site and you can read about it here.

So here is a quick index to all the Onam Sadya Recipes in the most authentic style. Thought of posting this collection as it would help to pre-plan your Onasadya preparations.

.  Traditional Breakfasts for Onam

Serving begins from the bottom left half of the leaf. In some areas a pinch of salt is kept on the leaf but some people avoid it.

On the bottom left half of the leaf a small banana is placed, next pappadam



Mambazha Unniyappam

Then sarkara varatti /jaggery coated banana chips and upperi/banana chips

Sarkara Varatti-Upperi
Nurukku Upperi
Banana Chips-Ethakka Upperi

Next from the top left half of the banana leaf pickles is served

Naranga Achar -Lemon Pickle
Nellikka Achar
 /Gooseberry Pickle

Thoran /Mezhupuratti (vegetable stir fry with coconut) (I have posted many different kinds of thoran but usually we prepare and serve these thorans for sadya.)

Beetroot Thoran
Idichakka Thoran
Beans Thoran

Red Cabbage Thoran

Cabbage Thoran
Carrot Beans Thoran
Kaya-Achinga payar Mezhukkupuratti

Next Pachadi's and Khichadi's

Mambazha-Mango Pachadi
Vendakka/Okra Kichadi
& Pachadi
Beetroot Pachadi
Madhura Pachadi

Papaya Kaplanga Erissery
Mathanga-Vanpayar Erissery

Kootu Curry

Chakka Erissery

Now the plantain leaf is filled with all the side dishes and most people will have dipped their fingers in some of the delicacies to have a taste.

The rice is served at the bottom center of the banana leaf.

First parippu curry is served along with ghee.

Parippu Curry

Next rice is served with Sambhar

Then comes the most anticipated part the Desserts /Payasam's. 
Normally 2-3 varieties of payasam from the below list will be served to make sadhya delicious.

Pazham Ada Pradhaman
Pal Payasam
Ada Pradhaman

Ney Payasam-Sarkara Payasam
Nethram Pazham Pradhaman

Pineapple Payasam

oops! tried Is't? :-) :-) The traditional sadya is not over yet....

Then Sambaram /Curd /Buttermik is served at the end to complete the meal and to help digestion.

Most people stop with the dessert...This is the way we serve in our place. The ways of serving differs from region to region. Hope you all enjoyed this tradtional virtual Sadya /Feast :)

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