Kurukku Kalan /Katti Kalan /Thickened Yogurt Gravy

Hello everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful & blessed Onam. It was so kind of you to leave your good wishes and as always, I enjoyed reading them all.

The recipe for today is a part of Sadya menu /Kerala feast 'Kurukku Kalan'. In Kerala (South India) Sadya is a traditional feast, where an array of vegetarian dishes, served on a banana leaf in a particular order. No Kerala feast /Sadya is complete without Kalan /Kurrukku Kalan /Katti Kalan which is made of yogurt, coconut, and vegetables like raw plantain and tuber like yam.

However preparation of Kalan and Kurukku Kalan /Katti Kalan slightly differs, the difference is the consistency of the gravy.  Kalan  is prepared to pouring consistency whereas kurukku kalan is a thick curry where yogurt is concentrated. It is little time consuming to make, but its worth all the effort.

This is one of the most delicious Sadya /Kerala Feast specials that sets the mouth watering and the taste-buds tingling.:-) Do try and Enjoy!

Recipe for Kurukku Kalan /Katti Kalan /Thickened Yogurt Gravy

  Preparation Time : 20 minutes
  Cooking time : 30-45 minutes
  Serves : 6


Raw Green Banana (Perferably Nendran Kaya) : 1 no
Elephant Foot /Yam /Chena : 1/2 cup
Beaten Thick Sour Curds : 6 cups or 1/2 ltr ( preferably homemade with sour taste)
Turmeric powder : 11/2 tsp
Red Chilli Powder : a pinch
Pepper Powder : 1 tsp
Ghee : 1 tsp (Optional)
Roasted Fenugreek /Methi Powder : 1/2 tsp (dry roast and powdered)
Curry leaves : 2 sprig
Salt to taste

To Grind :
Grated Coconut : 1 cup
Green Chillies : 6 nos or to your tolerance level
Cumin Seeds : 1/2 tsp

For Seasoning :
Mustard Seeds : 1 tsp
Whole Dry Red Chillies : 3
Oil (Perfarbly Coconut Oil ) : 1 tsp
Curry leaves : few

Method of Preparation:

1. Wash and peel the skin of banana and cut the vegetables into thick cube pieces and set it aside.
2. Beat the yogurt/curd well and do not add any water and set it aside.
3. Grind the grated coconut,cumin seeds,green chillies with little yogurt to a thick paste and keep it aside.(Note: Do not add water while grinding.)
4. Dissolve the pepper powder in 1 cup of water; strain the water and cook the chopped vegetables in pepper water along with turmeric powder and red chilli powder till the water dries and vegetables are completely cooked. Now add the salt and curry leaves and mix well. (Note : Make sure not to add salt to vegetables until they are completely cooked.)
5. Optional - Add 1 tsp ghee and combine well.
6. Now add the beaten sour yogurt and reduce the flame and allow to boil, stirring occasionally until the gravy is thickened to a semi solid consistency. (Note : When it cools down it thickens further therefore decide on the consistency.)

7. Add the grounded coconut mixture, stir well and heat through. (Note : Be careful not to overheat the mixture after adding the grounded coconut.)
8. Remove from the fire and sprinkle the methi powder and mix well; set it aside.
9. In a frying pan, heat the oil and add the mustard seeds. When these start to splutter, add the rest of the seasoning ingredients and fry till the chilies turn dark brown.
10. Pour the seasoning to the Kurukku Kalan and cover the dish for 10-15 mins. Let the flavor set...Serve with rice & enjoy!

  • Usually Kurukku Kalan/Katti Kalan is prepared up to step 6 and it is stored. Whenever needed, ground coconut is mixed and used. This method is used by cooks while making large quantities for Sadya /Feast. It will keep good upto a month even under room temperature. However, you may add grounded coconut mixture like I did and it keep well in the refrigerator for more than 1 week. Store this curry in air tight container and store it. Do not reheat, just bring it back to room temperature and serve.
  • For Kalan the curds/yogurt used must be sour, if you feel yogurt is not sour enough then just leave it in room temperature for couple of days before preparing kalan.
  • The consistency for Kurukku Kalan /Katti Kalan is when you serve them it should remain in the same place not flowing. 
  • If you wish you can add any other oil, using coconut oil gives authentic & special flavour to the dish.

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Happy Cooking!


  1. Wow.. looks absolutely inviting and perfect.. love the presentation too :)
    Indian Cuisine

  2. Different style of gravy, yummy! Nice presentation too...

  3. very interesting recipe and looks tasty too..

  4. Yum ...Looks so delicious and I love that earthen wok

  5. Hi dear
    Hope you had a great Onam..
    Kurukku kalan one of my fav in the sadhya. Makes me hungry!!

  6. we make a similar thing with raw banana and yam.nicely done

  7. Very delicious and tempting looking recipe.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  8. hope u had a fabulous onam sangeetha; kurukku kalan is my hubby's fav & this looks well done !

  9. tempting perfect and lip smacking yogurt gravy

  10. superb kalan recipe...onnude chooru unnan thonnunnu...pinne "manchatti" super aayittundu...:)

  11. your pictures are a irresistible temptation! kalan looks SO delicious want that plate right now!!!!

  12. kalan looks so delicious, that chatti is looking so cute..

  13. one of my fave in sadya...nice pics

  14. looks so tempting and perfect.. awesome pictures too..

  15. Thx for stoping by and taking time to drop lovely comments:) Do try it, Im sure u will love it.

  16. looks so yummy and i am feeling hungry here...perfect clicks..

  17. I love the presentation of the food. It looks so delicious. The yogurt gravy seems very enticing as well. I love yogurt especially those that are considered to be probiotic yogurt.

  18. @ Suhaina, Thank You :-)

    @ Anne, I'm glad you like the presentation and recipe. Thank you for lovely comment and sharing your feedback here :)


  19. Anuradha9:13 PM

    Thank you-very easy-I jsut needed to double check my recipe before I started it in the ktichen-my mom is not avlble on phone just now)))-and ur recipe just helped me do that ))
    I belong to Palghat
    I find that soemtimes the curd curdles a bit-if i dont add a touch of besan to it-besan is never added in kerala
    This is in the stage before stage 6

    1. Hi Anuradha, Welcome to kothiyavunu..Glad to be of help! Thanks for that great tip. Would you mind if I posted it as a Handy Tip and attributed it to you?

      Have a great day!

  20. today am going to try

    1. Hi Gincy, Did you try it out?


  21. I never knew making kaalan would be this easy. And when i tried this, this is the third time i am making it.
    Wonderful easy recipe. Thanks or posting it

    1. Hello, You're welcome dear! Thanks a lot dear for trying this recipe and also for sharing your feedback here. I’m so glad that it came out well for you. I hope you do try more of recipes from here.



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