Kalathappam - Kalthappam Recipe - Sweetened version | Rice Cake with Jaggery

Want to treat your friends with a delicious Kerala Snack? then you should try this!

My husband always been a great fan of  Kerala country style snacks/ Nadan palaharam and I think  not only my hubby most of Keralites have a special bonding with these kind of humble snack. 

This kind of Kerala Special is absolute favorite. No matter how good I get at cooking or whatever else I learn to make, we both know nothing will replace these Kerala Specials. Whenever  he hits craving for these kind of snacks, he starts saying wish with Mom now and so on....!, that become usual symbol for me to understand, that I should make these...He doesn’t care how it is made and preparation goes, he LOVES them. I enjoy them too. :) 

On to recipe, Kalathappam is a very popular North Malabar delicacy. It’s such a simple and easy snack which can be prepared in just a matter of minutes using rice flour, jaggery, fried shallots and coconut flakes and either cooked in a pan or in a pressure cooker like a cake, traditional it is cooked in mankalam /earthern cooking pot with the help of coal in very low flame. But to make the process easy, we can cook with pressure cooker or nonstick pan, but can't beat the taste of slowly cooked kalathappam in manchatti.

There are two versions of Kalthappam;  sweetened and unsweetened...today I am sharing the sweetened version, which I adapted from a cookery show, Taste of Kerala. It’s all soft, looks almost like Kalappam, but the difference is underpart of the Kalathappam is slightly burnt and the dough perhaps is something like Unniyappam’s. It is cross between a  Kalappam  and  Unniyappam  and needless to say it's very delicious, especially the lavishly strewn coconut bits.

If you are planning for a tea time get-together and in search of a special kerala tradtional snacks, I can suggest this one ! Do try and Enjoy!

Kalathappam - Kalthappam Recipe - Sweetened version | Rice Cake with Jaggery | Kannur Special Kalathappam 
Preparation Time : 2 hrs
Cooking time : 20 mins
Serves : 4

Ingredients :
Raw Rice/Pachari : 1 cup
Parboiled Rice /Puzhungalari : 1 cup (both rice soaked in water for 2 hours)
Cooked Rice : 1 cup
Jaggery : 1/2 cup or according to your taste
Shallots /Red Onion : 1/4 cup (finely sliced)
Coconut Bites /Thenga kothu : 4 tbsp
Baking Soda : a pinch (optional)
Salt to taste
Coconut Oil : 2 tbsp
Water as needed

How to make Kalathappam - Kalthappam Recipe| Kannur Special Kalathappam :
1. Wash and soak rice for couple of hours.Drain the soaked rice and grind it along with cooked rice and 1/4 cup of water. (Note : Don't add more water, the batter has to be medium thick.The consistency should be like idli batter).
2. Melt the jaggery with 1/4 cup of water; remove the impurities and add the jaggery syrup and salt to rice batter; mix well. Optional - Add pinch of baking powder to the batter.
3. In a pressure cooker, add coconut oil and saute the coconut slices till it become golden brown and transfer to plate and saute the shallot to golden brown; do the same and set it aside.
4. Now there will be enough oil left in the pressure cooker, so swirl the pessure cooker in such way that oil is coated on its all sides.
5. Add half of fried shallot and coconut slices to the batter and mix well.
6. Heat the pressure on high heat and pour the batter and add the remainng  fried shallot and coconut slices on top of it and cook for 2 minutes on a high flame. Next lower the flame; close the pressure cooker tightly without the weight/whistle and cook for  15 minutes.
7. Switch off the stove and keep it there for another 15 minutes.Open it carefully and check if the its  is cooked by inserting a toothpick. If it comes out clean its done, cook it on the low-medium flame for 5 more minutes and  then remove from stove and let cool.
8. When cold invert and cut into pieces and serve with tea/coffee or as breakfast and Enjoy!

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  1. @Sangeetha - looks so yum! yOu have done a great job! great presentation...

  2. Wow...tempting kalthappam chechyyyyy..Beautiful clicks too...

  3. Woww.. very delicious and authentic recipe.. looks absolutely amazing.. gr8 job dear !!
    Indian Cuisine

  4. Delicious and yummy kalthappam...really tempting..

    Shabbu's Tasty Kitchen

  5. the closeup pic is tempting me...I am ready with a spoon :-)

    Hamaree Rasoi

  6. kandittu nalla rasam.appol kazhikkan endu taste aarikkum..............kothi varunnu!!!!!!!!!

  7. my childhood favourite..the photos are sooo good! love it

  8. This is a very new dish for me.. interesting recipe and well explained.

  9. That looks so good. Love this appam, so very tempting!

  10. Wow loving it,looks so yummy and perfectly made..

    1. Anonymous12:28 AM

      perfectly made?? whats wrong with you? haven't ever seen how the traditional kalthappam looks like? very disappointing . i like most of the other recipes in this blog, & beautifully photographed too.. but bad is always bad.

  11. wow.....super yummy kalthappam..........

  12. WOw looks absolutely stunning,love it.

  13. Really yummy..nice presentation..

  14. looks awesome..very nice presentation. first time here. happy to follow u:)

  15. Thanks everyone for your lovely comments,do try this and let me know.

  16. Anonymous3:21 AM

    hai geethu ,ethu sarikkum kerla dish,pinnea ethil shallots avoid cheythum undakum,athinoru perund,namboothiri cake:))
    Ammu goa

    1. Hi Ammu, athu sheri angane oru version-num, peru unduennu inikku ariyilla ;)Thank you so much for letting me know more about this recipe :)Much appreciated!


  17. Anonymous10:17 AM

    I live in US. Can u pls tell me where to get unboiled rice? Thanks, Gowri.

    1. Hi Gowri, You can find in Indian grocery store like Patel brothers, etc...btw this recipe calls for parboiled rice not the unboiled.

    2. Anonymous8:16 PM

      Will Idly rice work ? after soaking for 2 hours ?

    3. I haven't tried making with Idly rice,so I'm sure.Sorry can't be of much help here.:(

  18. Hi, I tried this recipe twice. It was tasty but the base stuck onto the bottom of the cooker.It also became brown in colour. But taste wise it was too good though we had to scrap the top portion to eat it. My pressure cooker was steel . IS that the reason? Also, do we need to put banana or something and pour the batter?


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